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Type Country Samples
  2005/00001   SAT 1 Zambia ZAM/27/2004; ZAM/28/2004; ZAM/29/2004; ZAM/30/2004; ZAM/31/2004; ZAM/32/2004
  - 2005/00002   NVD Eire none
  2005/00003   A Iran IRN/32/2004; IRN/33/2004
  2005/00003   Asia 1 Iran IRN/25/2004; IRN/30/3004; IRN/31/2004
  2005/00004   A Kenya KEN/1/2003; KEN/2/2003
  2005/00004   C Kenya KEN/1/2004
  2005/00004   SAT 1 Kenya KEN/1/2005
  2005/00004   SAT 2 Kenya KEN/5/2004; KEN/6/2004; KEN/8/2004; KEN/9/2004; KEN/10/2004; KEN/11/2004
  2005/00005   A Laos LAO/36/2003
  2005/00006 17/03/2005 Asia 1 Hong Kong HKN/1/2005; HKN/2/2005; HKN/3/2005; HKN/4/2005; HKN/5/2005; HKN/6/2005; HKN/7/2005; HKN/8/2005
  2005/00007   O Thailand TAI/8/2004; O/189/TAI/87
  2005/00007   A Thailand TAI/6/2004; TAI/9/2004
Vaccine strains: A/SAKOL/TAI/97; A/118/TAI/87
  2005/00008 21/03/2005 O Myanmar MYA/1/2004; MYA/2/2004; MYA/3/2004; MYA/4/2004
  2005/00009 21/03/2005 O Vietnam VIT/1/2005; VIT/2/2005; VIT/3/2005; VIT/4/2005; VIT/5/2005
  - 2005/00010   NVD Saudi Arabia none
  2005/00011   O Sudan SUD/1/2005; SUD/2/2005; SUD/3/2005
  2005/00012   A Iran IRN/1/2005; IRN/2/2005; IRN/4/2005; IRN/5/2005
  2005/00013 25/04/2005 O Hong Kong HKN/13/2004; HKN/9/2005; HKN/10/2005; HKN/11/2005; HKN/12/2005; HKN/13/2005; HKN/14/2005; HKN/15/2005
  2005/00014   O Pakistan PAK/1/2005; PAK/2/2005; PAK/3/2005; PAK/7/2005; PAK/9/2005; PAK/10/2005; PAK/11/2005; PAK/12/2005; PAK/13/2005
  2005/00015 20/06/2005 O Saudi Arabia SAU/4/2005; SAU/5/2005; SAU/6/2005; SAU/7/2005; SAU/8/2005; SAU/9/2005; SAU/10/2005; SAU/11/2005; SAU/12/2005
  2005/00016   O Philippines PHI/1/2005; PHI/2/2005; PHI/3/2005
  2005/00017   O Iran IRN/8/2005; IRN/9/2005; IRN/12/2005
  2005/00017   A Iran IRN/7/2005; IRN/10/2005; IRN/13/2005; IRN/14/2005; IRN/16/2005; IRN/17/2005; IRN/18/2005
  2005/00018 03/08/2005 O Saudi Arabia SAU/13/2005; SAU/14/2005
  2005/00019   O Togo TOG/1/2004; TOG/1/2005; TOG/2/2005; TOG/3/2005; TOG/4/2005
  2005/00019   A Togo TOG/9/2005
  - 2005/00020   NVD Ghana none
  - 2005/00021   NVD Cote d'Ivoire none
  2005/00022 22/08/2005 SAT2 Botswana BOT/1/2005; BOT/2/2005; BOT/3/2005; BOT/4/2005; BOT/5/2005; BOT/6/2005; BOT/7/2005; BOT/8/2005
  2005/00023   SAT 1 Zambia ZAM/1/2005; ZAM/2/2005
  - 2005/00024   NVD Burkina Faso none
  2005/00025   A Mali MAI/4/2004
  2005/00025   O Mali MAI/1/2005; MAI/2/2005; MAI/3/2005
  2005/00026   O Pakistan PAK/14/2005; PAK/15/2005; PAK/16/2005; PAK/17/2005; PAK/19/2005 (O+Asia1); PAK/20/2005; PAK/21/2005; PAK/22/2005 (O+Asia1); PAK/24/2005; PAK/25/2005
  2005/00026   Asia 1 Pakistan PAK/19/2005 (O+Asia1); PAK/22/2005 (O+Asia1)
  C 2005/00027   O Iran IRN/20/2005; IRN/21/2005; IRN/23/2005
  2005/00027   A Iran IRN/22/2005; IRN/24/2005; IRN/25/2005; IRN/26/2005; IRN/27/2005; IRN/28/2005; IRN/29/2005; IRN/30/2005; IRN/31/2005
  - 2005/00028   NVD Senegal none
  - 2005/00029   NVD Eire none
  2005/00030 27/10/2005 O Cameroon CAR/2/2005; CAR/3/2005; CAR/10/2005; CAR/11/2005; CAR/15/2005; CAR/16/2005; CAR/17/2005; CAR/18/2005; CAR/27/2005; CAR/28/2005; CAR/52/2005; CAR/54/2005; CAR/65/2005; CAR/71/2005; CAR/76/2005; CAR/77/2005; CAR/82/2005; CAR/84/2005; CAR/86/2005; CAR/87/2005; CAR/88/2005; CAR/91/2005; CAR/93/2005; CAR/97/2005; CAR/103/2005
  2005/00030 27/10/2005 A Cameroon CAR/36/2005; CAR/115/2005; CAR/116/2005
  2005/00030 27/10/2005 SAT 2 Cameroon CAR/1/2005; CAR/4/2005; CAR/5/2005; CAR/7/2005; CAR/8/2005; CAR/9/2005; CAR/12/2005; CAR/20/2005; CAR/24/2005; CAR/25/2005; CAR/30/2005; CAR/31/2005; CAR/34/2005; CAR/38/2005; CAR/39/2005; CAR/40/2005; CAR/45/2005; CAR/46/2005; CAR/47/2005; CAR/48/2005; CAR/49/2005; CAR/50/2005; CAR/55/2005; CAR/56/2005; CAR/57/2005; CAR/58/2005; CAR/60/2005; CAR/61/2005; CAR/62/2005; CAR/64/2005; CAR/65/2005; CAR/68/2005; CAR/69/2005; CAR/72/2005; CAR/75/2005; CAR/79/2005; CAR/80/2005; CAR/81/2005; CAR/85/2005; CAR/89/2005; CAR/92/2005; CAR/94/2005; CAR/95/2005; CAR/98/2005; CAR/99/2005; CAR/104/2005; CAR/105/2005; CAR/107/2005; CAR/108/2005; CAR/109/2005; CAR/110/2005; CAR/117/2005; CAR/118/2005; CAR/119/2005
  2005/00031   A Iran IRN/33/2005; IRN/34/2005; IRN/36/2005; IRN/38/2005; IRN/39/2005; IRN/40/2005; IRN/42/2005; IRN/43/2005; IRN/44/2005; IRN/50/2005; IRN/51/2005; IRN/53/2005; IRN/54/2005; IRN/55/2005
  2005/00032   SVDV Italy ITL/17/2004; ITL/18/2004; ITL/19/2004; ITL/20/2004; ITL/21/2004; ITL/22/2004; ITL/1/2005; ITL/2/2005; ITL/3/2005; ITL/4/2005
  - 2005/00033   FMDV-GD Gambia none
  2005/00034 22/12/2005 O Ethiopia ETH/1/2005; ETH/11/2005 (O+A+C); ETH/38/2005; ETH/48/2005; ETH/49/2005; ETH/51/2005; ETH/52/2005; ETH/53/2005; ETH/54/2005; ETH/55/2005; ETH/56/2005; ETH/57/2005; ETH/58/2005; ETH/59/2005; ETH/60/2005; ETH/61/2005; ETH/62/2005; ETH/63/2005; ETH/64/2005; ETH/65/2005; ETH/66/2005; ETH/67/2005
  2005/00034 22/12/2005 A Ethiopia ETH/3/2005; ETH/4/2005 (A+C); ETH/9/2005; ETH/10/2005; ETH/11/2005 (O+A+C); ETH/12/2005; ETH/13/2005; ETH/14/2005; ETH/16/2005
  2005/00034 22/12/2005 C Ethiopia ETH/4/2005 (A+C);ETH/6/2005 (1983); ETH/7/2005 (1983); ETH/11/2005 (O+A+C)
  2005/00035   O Malaysia MAY/1/2005;MAY/2/2005;MAY/3/2005; MAY/4/2005;MAY/6/2005;MAY/7/2005; MAY/8/2005
  2005/00035   A Malaysia MAY/5/2005

IP, sequncing in progress
R, reported (pdf file in preparation)
C, completed awaiting report approval
italics, virus not sequenced
FMDV-GD, FMDV genome detected by RT-PCR