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Type Country Samples
  2009/00001 21/01/2009 A Bahrain BAR/2/2009; BAR/4/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   BAR/1/2009; BAR/3/2009
  - 2009/00002 22/01/2009 FMDV-GD Senegal SEN/14/2008; SEN/20/2008; SEN/29/2008
  -     NVD   SEN/9/2008; SEN/10/2008; SEN/11/2008; SEN/12/2008; SEN/13/2008; SEN/15/2008; SEN/16/2008; SEN/17/2008; SEN/18/2008; SEN/19/2008; SEN/21/2008; SEN/22/2008; SEN/23/2008; SEN/24/2008; SEN/25/2008; SEN/26/2008; SEN/27/2008; SEN/28/2008; SEN/30/2008; SEN/31/2008; SEN/32/2008; SEN/33/2008; SEN/34/2008; SEN/35/2008; SEN/36/2008; SEN/37/2008
  n/a 25/01/2009 A China A-HuBWH-09 (VP1 sequence received)
  2009/00003 28/01/2009 A Iraq IRQ/9/2009; IRQ/10/2009; IRQ/11/2009; IRQ/12/2009; IRQ/15/2009; IRQ/17/2009; IRQ/19/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   IRQ/7/2009; IRQ/8/2009; IRQ/18/2009; IRQ/20/2009
  -     NVD   IRQ/1/2009; IRQ/2/2009; IRQ/3/2009; IRQ/4/2009; IRQ/5/2009; IRQ/6/2009; IRQ/13/2009; IRQ/14/2009; IRQ/16/2009
  2009/00004 11/02/2009 A Kuwait KUW/1/2009; KUW/2/2009; KUW/3/2009; KUW/4/2009; KUW/5/2009; KUW/6/2009
  2009/00005 11/02/2009 O United Arab Emirates UAE/1/2008; UAE/2/2008; UAE/3/2008; UAE/4/2008; UAE/1/2009; UAE/3/2009; UAE/4/2009; UAE/5/2009; UAE/9/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   UAE/5/2008; UAE/9/2008; UAE/10/2008; UAE/12/2008; UAE/2/2009; UAE/6/2009; UAE/8/2009
  -     NVD   UAE/6/2008; UAE/7/2008; UAE/8/2008; UAE/11/2008; UAE/13/2008; UAE/7/2009
  2009/00006 15/02/2009 A Iraq IRQ/21/2009; IRQ/22/2009; IRQ/23/2009; IRQ/24/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   IRQ/25/2009
  2009/00007 26/02/2009 A Iran IRN/1/2009; IRN/2/2009; IRN/3/2009; IRN/4/2009; IRN/5/2009; IRN/6/2009; IRN/8/2009; IRN/9/2009; IRN/10/2009; IRN/11/2009; IRN/12/2009; IRN/13/2009; IRN/15/2009; IRN/16/2009; IRN/17/2009; IRN/18/2009; IRN/19/2009; IRN/20/2009; IRN/21/2009; IRN/22/2009; IRN/23/2009; IRN/24/2009; IRN/25/2009; IRN/26/2009; IRN/27/2009; IRN/28/2009; IRN/29/2009
      O   IRN/7/2009; IRN/14/2009
  2009/00008 26/02/2009 O Ethiopia ETH/29/2008; ETH/31/2008; ETH/32/2008; ETH/1/2009; ETH/3/2009; ETH/4/2009; ETH/5/2009; ETH/6/2009; ETH/7/2009; ETH/8/2009; ETH/9/2009; ETH/10/2009; ETH/11/2009
      A   ETH/12/2009; ETH/13/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   ETH/2/2009
  -     NVD   ETH/27/2008; ETH/28/2008; ETH/30/2008
  2009/00009 09/03/2009 O Turkey TUR/34/2008; TUR/35/2008; TUR/36/2008; TUR/38/2008; TUR/2/2009; TUR/3/2009; TUR/4/2009; TUR/5/2009; TUR/6/2009
      A   TUR/37/2008; TUR/39/2008; TUR/40/2008; TUR/7/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   TUR/1/2009
  - 2009/00010 06/03/2009 O Ethiopia ETH/34/2008; ETH/35/2008; ETH/22/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   ETH/17/2009; ETH/18/2009; ETH/20/2009; ETH/21/2009; ETH/23/2009
  -     NVD   ETH/33/2008; ETH/14/2009; ETH/15/2009; ETH/16/2009; ETH/19/2009
  2009/00011 12/03/2009 A Libya LIB/1/2009; LIB/2/2009; LIB/3/2009; LIB/4/2009; LIB/5/2009; LIB/6/2009; LIB/7/2009; LIB/8/2009; LIB/9/2009; LIB/10/2009; LIB/11/2009; LIB/12/2009; LIB/13/2009; LIB/14/2009; LIB/15/2009; LIB/16/2009; LIB/17/2009; LIB/18/2009; LIB/19/2009; LIB/20/2009; LIB/21/2009; LIB/42/2009; LIB/43/2009; LIB/44/2009; LIB/47/2009; LIB/48/2009; LIB/50/2009; LIB/51/2009; LIB/54/2009; LIB/55/2009; LIB/56/2009; LIB/57/2009; LIB/91/2009; LIB/92/2009; LIB/93/2009; LIB/94/2009; LIB/117/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   LIB/40/2009; LIB/49/2009; LIB/52/2009; LIB/53/2009; LIB/80/2009; LIB/85/2009
  -     NVD   LIB/22/2009; LIB/23/2009; LIB/24/2009; LIB/25/2009; LIB/26/2009; LIB/27/2009; LIB/28/2009; LIB/29/2009; LIB/30/2009; LIB/31/2009; LIB/32/2009; LIB/33/2009; LIB/34/2009; LIB/35/2009; LIB/36/2009; LIB/37/2009; LIB/38/2009; LIB/39/2009; LIB/41/2009; LIB/45/2009; LIB/46/2009; LIB/58/2009; LIB/59/2009; LIB/60/2009; LIB/61/2009; LIB/62/2009; LIB/63/2009; LIB/64/2009; LIB/65/2009; LIB/66/2009; LIB/67/2009; LIB/68/2009; LIB/69/2009; LIB/70/2009; LIB/71/2009; LIB/72/2009; LIB/73/2009; LIB/74/2009; LIB/75/2009; LIB/76/2009; LIB/77/2009; LIB/78/2009; LIB/79/2009; LIB/81/2009; LIB/82/2009; LIB/83/2009; LIB/84/2009; LIB/86/2009; LIB/87/2009; LIB/88/2009; LIB/89/2009; LIB/90/2009; LIB/95/2009; LIB/96/2009; LIB/97/2009; LIB/98/2009; LIB/99/2009; LIB/100/2009; LIB/101/2009; LIB/102/2009; LIB/103/2009; LIB/104/2009; LIB/105/2009; LIB/106/2009; LIB/107/2009; LIB/108/2009; LIB/109/2009; LIB/110/2009; LIB/111/2009; LIB/112/2009; LIB/113/2009; LIB/114/2009; LIB/115/2009; LIB/116/2009
  2009/00012 19/03/2009 O Egypt

EGY/10/2006; EGY/11/2006; EGY/1/2008; EGY/3/2008; EGY/4/2008; EGY/5/2008; EGY/7/2008; EGY/1/2009; EGY/6/2009; EGY/8/2009

      A   EGY/3/2009; EGY/4/2009; EGY/7/2009; EGY/9/2009; EGY/12/2009; EGY/13/2009; EGY/14/2009; EGY/15/2009; EGY/16/2009
  IP     A+O   EGY/8/2009; EGY/10/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   EGY/2/2008; EGY/6/2008; EGY/5/2009
  -     NVD   EGY/2/2009; EGY/11/2009
  2009/00013 24/03/2009  A Lebanon LEB/1/2009; LEB/4/2009; LEB/5/2009; LEB/7/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   LEB/3/2009; LEB/6/2009
  -     NVD   LEB/2/2009
  2009/00014 27/03/2009 O Pakistan PAK/14/2008
      A   PAK/7/2008; PAK/9/2008; PAK/10/2008; PAK/12/2008; PAK/13/2008; PAK/1/2009; PAK/2/2009; PAK/4/2009
      Asia 1   PAK/8/2008; PAK/11/2008
  -     NVD   PAK/3/2009
  2009/00015 16/03/2009 O Yemen YEM/4/2008; YEM/5/2008; YEM/6/2008; YEM/7/2008; YEM/8/2008; YEM/10/2008; YEM/5/2009; YEM/6/2009; YEM/7/2009; YEM/8/2009; YEM/9/2009; YEM/11/2009; YEM/12/2009; YEM/16/2009; YEM/17/2009; YEM/18/2009; YEM/19/2009; YEM/20/2009; YEM/21/2009; YEM/22/2009; YEM/23/2009; YEM/24/2009; YEM/29/2009; YEM/30/2009; YEM/33/2009; YEM/34/2009; YEM/35/2009; YEM/36/2009; YEM/37/2009; YEM/41/2009; YEM/42/2009; YEM/43/2009; YEM/44/2009; YEM/45/2009; YEM/46/2009; YEM/50/2009; YEM/53/2009; YEM/56/2009
  - 2009/00015 16/03/2009 FMDV-GD Yemen

YEM/31/2009; YEM/32/2009; YEM/38/2009; YEM/39/2009; YEM/55/2009

  - 2009/00015 16/03/2009 NVD Yemen YEM/1/2007; YEM/2/2007; YEM/3/2007; YEM/4/2007; YEM/5/2007; YEM/1/2008; YEM/2/2008; YEM/1/2009; YEM/2/2009; YEM/3/2009; YEM/4/2009; YEM/25/2009; YEM/27/2009; YEM/28/2009; YEM/40/2009; YEM/47/2009; YEM/48/2009; YEM/49/2009; YEM/51/2009; YEM/52/2009; YEM/54/2009
  2009/00016 30/03/2009 SAT 1 Zambia ZAM/1/2009; ZAM/3/2009; ZAM/6/2009; ZAM/7/2009; ZAM/8/2009; ZAM/9/2009
      SAT 2   ZAM/12/2009; ZAM/13/2009; ZAM/14/2009; ZAM/16/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   ZAM/2/2009; ZAM/4/2009; ZAM/5/2009; ZAM/10/2009
  -     NVD   ZAM/11/2009; ZAM/15/2009
  IP 2009/00017 06/03/2009 SVD Italy ITL/7/2007; ITL/8/2007; ITL/9/2007; ITL/10/2007; ITL/11/2007; ITL/12/2007; ITL/13/2007; ITL/14/2007; ITL/15/2007; ITL/16/2007; ITL/17/2007; ITL/18/2007; ITL/19/2007; ITL/20/2007; ITL/21/2007; ITL/22/2007; ITL/23/2007; ITL/24/2007; ITL/25/2007; ITL/26/2007; ITL/27/2007; ITL/28/2007; ITL/29/2007; ITL/1/2008; ITL/2/2008; ITL/3/2008; ITL/4/2008; ITL/5/2008; ITL/6/2008; ITL/7/2008; ITL/8/2008; ITL/9/2008
  2009/00018 14/04/2009 O Ethiopia ETH/24/2009; ETH/25/2009; ETH/26/2009; ETH/27/2009; ETH/28/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   ETH/29/2009; ETH/32/2009
  -     NVD   ETH/30/2009; ETH/31/2009
  2009/00019 20/04/2009 O Myanmar MYA/1/2006; MYA/1/2009; MYA/3/2009
-     FMDV-GD   MYA/1/2008; MYA/2/2009
  2009/00020 23/04/2009 O Hong Kong HKN/6/2006; HKN/1/2007; HKN/2/2007; HKN/3/2007; HKN/4/2007; HKN/1/2008; HKN/2/2008; HKN/3/2008; HKN/4/2008; HKN/1/2009; HKN/2/2009
  -     O-GD   HKN/5/2007
  -     NVD   HKN/3/2009
  2009/00021 01/05/2009 A Bahrain BAR/6/2009
      Asia 1   BAR/8/2009; BAR/9/2009
  -     NVD   BAR/5/2009; BAR/7/2009
  2009/00022 30/04/2009 A Kenya KEN/28/2008; KEN/22/2009
      O   KEN/24/2008; KEN/36/2008; KEN/37/2008; KEN/6/2009; KEN/10/2009
  IP     O + SAT 1   KEN/22/2008
      SAT 1   KEN/23/2008; KEN/25/2008; KEN/26/2008; KEN/32/2008; KEN/34/2008; KEN/35/2008; KEN/2/2009; KEN/8/2009; KEN/9/2009; KEN/12/2009; KEN/14/2009; KEN/15/2009; KEN/16/2009
      SAT 2   KEN/18/2008; KEN/19/2008; KEN/21/2008; KEN/31/2008; KEN/11/2009; KEN/13/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   KEN/17/2008; KEN/20/2008; KEN/27/2008; KEN/29/2008; KEN/30/2008; KEN/33/2008; KEN/1/2009; KEN/3/2009; KEN/4/2009; KEN/5/2009; KEN/18/2009; KEN/21/2009;
  -     NVD   KEN/7/2009; KEN/17/2009; KEN/19/2009; KEN/20/2009; KEN/23/2009
  - 2009/00023 30/04/2009 FMDV-GD Uganda UGA/2/2009; UGA/3/2009
  -     NVD   UGA/1/2009
  - 2009/00024 30/04/2009 NVD Somalia SOM/1/2009; SOM/2/2009; SOM/3/2009; SOM/4/2009
  2009/00025 01/05/2009 O Thailand TAI/2/2008; TAI/3/2008; TAI/5/2008; TAI/6/2008; TAI/7/2008; TAI/12/2008;
TAI/1/2009; TAI/2/2009; TAI/3/2009; TAI/4/2009
      A   TAI/4/2008; TAI/8/2008; TAI/9/2008; TAI/10/2008; TAI/11/2008; TAI/13/2008; TAI/14/2008; TAI/15/2008; TAI/16/2008; TAI/17/2008; TAI/18/2008; TAI/19/2008
  2009/00026 01/05/2009 O Cambodia CAM/1/2004; CAM/5/2006; CAM/1/2008
      A   CAM/2/2008
  2009/00027 01/05/2009 O Myanmar MYA/2/2006; MYA/2/2008
  2009/00028 28/05/2009 O Egypt EGY/17/2009; EGY/18/2009; EGY/19/2009; EGY/20/2009; EGY/21/2009; EGY/22/2009; EGY/23/2009; EGY/24/2009; EGY/25/2009; EGY/26/2009; EGY/27/2009; EGY/28/2009; EGY/29/2009; EGY/30/2009; EGY/31/2009; EGY/32/2009
  2009/00029 02/06/2009 O Israel ISR/11/2007; ISR/13/2007; ISR/14/2007; ISR/15/2007; ISR/17/2007; ISR/19/2007; ISR/20/2007; ISR/21/2007; ISR/24/2007; ISR/25/2007; ISR/29/2007; ISR/30/2007; ISR/31/2007; ISR/32/2007; ISR/34/2007; ISR/36/2007; ISR/37/2007; ISR/38/2007; ISR/39/2007; ISR/40/2007; ISR/42/2007; ISR/43/2007; ISR/44/2007; ISR/46/2007; ISR/50/2007; ISR/1/2008
(initial report)   A   ISR/1/2009; ISR/2/2009; ISR/3/2009; ISR/4/2009; ISR/5/2009; ISR/6/2009; ISR/7/2009; ISR/8/2009; ISR/9/2009; ISR/10/2009; ISR/11/2009; ISR/12/2009; ISR/13/2009; ISR/14/2009; ISR/15/2009; ISR/16/2009; ISR/17/2009; ISR/18/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   ISR/12/2007; ISR/16/2007; ISR/41/2007; ISR/51/2007
  -     NVD   ISR/18/2007; ISR/22/2007; ISR/23/2007; ISR/26/2007; ISR/27/2007; ISR/28/2007; ISR/33/2007; ISR/35/2007; ISR/45/2007; ISR/47/2007; ISR/48/2007; ISR/49/2007
  - 2009/00030 05/06/2009 NVD Ethiopia ETH/33/2009; ETH/34/2009; ETH/35/2009; ETH/36/2009; ETH/37/2009; ETH/38/2009
  2009/00031 08/06/2009 SAT 2 Botswana BOT/1/2009; BOT/2/2009; BOT/3/2009; BOT/4/2009
  2009/00032 02/06/2009 O Palestinian A.T. PAT/1/2007; PAT/2/2007; PAT/3/2007; PAT/4/2007; PAT/5/2007; PAT/6/2007; PAT/7/2007; PAT/8/2007; PAT/11/2007; PAT/12/2007; PAT/13/2007; PAT/15/2007; PAT/16/2007; PAT/17/2007; PAT/18/2007; PAT/19/2007; PAT/21/2007; PAT/22/2007; PAT/23/2007; PAT/24/2007
      A   PAT/1/2009; PAT/2/2009; PAT/5/2009; PAT/6/2009; PAT/8/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   PAT/9/2007; PAT/10/2007; PAT/20/2007; PAT/7/2009; PAT/9/2009
  -     NVD   PAT/14/2007; PAT/25/2007; PAT/3/2009; PAT/4/2009
  2009/00033 22/06/2009 O Nepal NEP/2/2007; NEP/4/2008; NEP/5/2008; NEP/7/2008; NEP/2/2009; NEP/3/2009; NEP/6/2009; NEP/10/2009; NEP/11/2009; NEP/13/2009; NEP/14/2009; NEP/15/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   NEP/1/2007; NEP/5/2007; NEP/2/2008; NEP/3/2008; NEP/6/2008; NEP/1/2009; NEP/4/2009; NEP/7/2009; NEP/9/2009; NEP/12/2009
  -     NVD   NEP/3/2007; NEP/4/2007; NEP/1/2008; NEP/5/2009; NEP/8/2009
  2009/00034 22/06/2009 O Iran IRN/31/2009; IRN/34/2009; IRN/35/2009; IRN/38/2009; IRN/40/2009; IRN/41/2009; IRN/42/2009; IRN/43/2009
      A   IRN/30/2009; IRN/32/2009; IRN/36/2009; IRN/37/2009; IRN/39/2009; IRN/44/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   IRN/45/2009
  -     NVD   IRN/33/2009
  2009/00035 22/06/2009 O Taiwan TAW/1/2009
  2009/00036 15/06/2009 A Pakistan PAK/6/2009; PAK/7/2009; PAK/8/2009; PAK/9/2009; PAK/10/2009; PAK/13/2009; PAK/15/2009; PAK/17/2009; PAK/18/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   PAK/5/2009; PAK/11/2009; PAK/16/2009; PAK/20/2009; PAK/21/2009
  -     NVD   PAK/12/2009; PAK/14/2009; PAK/19/2009
  2009/00037 13/07/2009 A Israel ISR/20/2009
  -     NVD   ISR/19/2009
      A   ISR/21/2009
  2009/00039 31/07/2009 SAT 2 Botswana BOT/5/2009; BOT/6/2009; BOT/7/2009; BOT/8/2009
  2009/00040 19/08/2009 O Saudi Arabia SAU/1/2009; SAU/2/2009
  2009/00041 24/08/2009 O Sri Lanka SRL/1/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   SRL/2/2008; SRL/2/2009
  -     NVD   SRL/1/2008
  2009/00042 03/09/2009 O Yemen YEM/57/2009; YEM/58/2009; YEM/59/2009;
YEM/63/2009; YEM/64/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   YEM/60/2009
  -     NVD   YEM/61/2009; YEM/62/2009
  2009/00043 03/09/2009 O Ethiopia ETH/39/2009; ETH/44/2009; ETH/45/2009; ETH/46/2009; ETH/47/2009; ETH/49/2009
      SAT 2   ETH/42/2009; ETH/48/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   ETH/40/2009
  -     NVD   ETH/41/2009; ETH/43/2009
  2009/00044 18/09/2009 SAT 3 South Africa SAR/1/2006; SAR/2/2006
  2009/00045 18/09/2009 SAT 1 Swaziland SWZ/1/2000; SWZ/2/2000
  2009/00046 18/09/2009 SAT 1 Mozambique MOZ/2/2002
  2009/00047 18/09/2009 SAT 2 Malawi MAL/1/2008
  2009/00048 18/09/2009 SAT 3 Uganda UGA/10/97
  2009/00049 28/09/2009 A Pakistan PAK/23/2009; PAK/24/2009; PAK/25/2009; PAK/31/2009
      Asia 1   PAK/26/2009; PAK/27/2009; PAK/29/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   PAK/22/2009; PAK/28/2009; PAK/30/2009; PAK/32/2009; PAK/33/2009; PAK/34/2009; PAK/35/2009; PAK/36/2009
2009/00050 26/10/2009 O Malaysia MAY/5/2009; MAY/6/2009; MAY/7/2009; MAY/8/2009; MAY/11/2009; MAY/20/2009; MAY/21/2009
      A   MAY/2/2009; MAY/9/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   MAY/4/2009; MAY/10/2009; MAY/19/2009
  -     NVD   MAY/1/2009; MAY/3/2009; MAY/12/2009; MAY/13/2009; MAY/14/2009; MAY/15/2009; MAY/16/2009; MAY/17/2009; MAY/18/2009
  2009/00051 06/11/2009 O Kenya KEN/62/2009; KEN/63/2009; KEN/64/2009; KEN/65/2009; KEN/66/2009; KEN/67/2009
      SAT1   KEN/55/2009; KEN/104/2009; KEN/109/2009; KEN/117/2009; KEN/119/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   KEN/24/2009; KEN/26/2009; KEN/40/2009; KEN/56/2009; KEN/58/2009; KEN/59/2009; KEN/68/2009; KEN/75/2009; KEN/105/2009; KEN/106/2009; KEN/107/2009; KEN/108/2009; KEN/118/2009
  -     NVD   KEN/25/2009; KEN/27/2009; KEN/28/2009; KEN/29/2009; KEN/30/2009; KEN/31/2009; KEN/32/2009; KEN/33/2009; KEN/34/2009; KEN/35/2009; KEN/36/2009; KEN/37/2009; KEN/38/2009; KEN/39/2009; KEN/41/2009; KEN/42/2009; KEN/43/2009; KEN/44/2009; KEN/45/2009; KEN/46/2009; KEN/47/2009; KEN/48/2009; KEN/49/2009; KEN/50/2009; KEN/51/2009; KEN/52/2009; KEN/53/2009; KEN/54/2009; KEN/57/2009; KEN/60/2009; KEN/61/2009; KEN/69/2009; KEN/70/2009; KEN/71/2009; KEN/72/2009; KEN/73/2009; KEN/74/2009; KEN/76/2009; KEN/77/2009; KEN/78/2009; KEN/79/2009; KEN/80/2009; KEN/81/2009; KEN/82/2009; KEN/83/2009; KEN/84/2009; KEN/85/2009; KEN/86/2009; KEN/87/2009; KEN/88/2009; KEN/89/2009; KEN/90/2009; KEN/91/2009; KEN/92/2009; KEN/93/2009; KEN/94/2009; KEN/95/2009; KEN/96/2009; KEN/97/2009; KEN/98/2009; KEN/99/2009; KEN/100/2009; KEN/101/2009; KEN/102/2009; KEN/103/2009; KEN/110/2009; KEN/111/2009; KEN/112/2009; KEN/113/2009; KEN/114/2009; KEN/115/2009; KEN/116/2009
  2009/00052 19/11/2009 O Myanmar MYA/5/2009; MYA/6/2009
        FMDV-GD   MYA/4/2009; MYA/7/2009; MYA/8/2009
  2009/00053 27/11/2009 O Bangladesh BAN/1/2009; BAN/2/2009; BAN/3/2009; BAN/4/2009; BAN/5/2009; BAN/9/2009; BAN/11/2009; BAN/20/2009; BAN/22/2009; BAN/23/2009; BAN/24/2009; BAN/25/2009; BAN/26/2009; BAN/27/2009; BAN/28/2009; BAN/29/2009; BAN/30/2009; BAN/31/2009
        FMDV-GD   BAN/6/2009; BAN/7/2009; BAN/8/2009; BAN/10/2009; BAN/12/2009; BAN/13/2009; BAN/14/2009; BAN/15/2009; BAN/16/2009; BAN/17/2009; BAN/18/2009; BAN/21/2009
        NVD   BAN/19/2009
  2009/00054 04/12/2009 O Iran IRN/49/2009; IRN/51/2009; IRN/52/2009; IRN/54/2009; IRN/56/2009; IRN/57/2009; IRN/60/2009; IRN/61/2009; IRN/62/2009; IRN/64/2009; IRN/65/2009; IRN/66/2009; IRN/68/2009; IRN/70/2009; IRN/71/2009; IRN/72/2009; IRN/75/2009; IRN/76/2009
      A   IRN/50/2009; IRN/53/2009; IRN/55/2009; IRN/59/2009; IRN/63/2009; IRN/67/2009; IRN/73/2009
        FMDV-GD   IRN/46/2009; IRN/48/2009; IRN/58/2009; IRN/69/2009
        NVD   IRN/47/2009; IRN/74/2009
  2009/00055 07/12/2009 O Bhutan BHU/2/2009; BHU/3/2009; BHU/4/2009; BHU/5/2009; BHU/6/2009; BHU/7/2009; BHU/8/2009; BHU/9/2009; BHU/10/2009; BHU/16/2009; BHU/18/2009; BHU/19/2009; BHU/20/2009; BHU/23/2009; BHU/25/2009; BHU/26/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   BHU/1/2009; BHU/15/2009; BHU/21/2009
  -     NVD   BHU/11/2009; BHU/12/2009; BHU/13/2009; BHU/14/2009; BHU/17/2009; BHU/22/2009; BHU/24/2009
  2009/00056 19/12/2009 SAT 2 Ethiopia ETH/51/2009; ETH/52/2009; ETH/53/2009; ETH/56/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   ETH/54/2009; ETH/55/2009
  -     NVD   ETH/50/2009
  2009/00057 22/12/2009 O Bhutan BHU/37/2009; BHU/40/2009; BHU/41/2009
  -     FMDV-GD   BHU/27/2009; BHU/28/2009; BHU/30/2009; BHU/34/2009; BHU/38/2009; BHU/39/2009; BHU/42/2009; BHU/43/2009; BHU/44/2009; BHU/45/2009; BHU/46/2009; BHU/47/2009; BHU/48/2009
  -     NVD   BHU/29/2009; BHU/31/2009; BHU/32/2009; BHU/33/2009; BHU/35/2009; BHU/36/2009

IP, sequencing in progress
C, completed awaiting report approval
*, not sequenced as these were cell culture passages of each preceding sample
, no virus isolated in cell culture
FMDV-GD, FMDV genome detected by RT-PCR, but no virus isolated