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Batch no.


Type Country Samples / sequences received
  2017/00001 13/02/2017 O South Korea SKR/1/2017; SKR/2/2017
      A   SKR/3/2017
  2017/00002 28/02/2017 O Saudi Arabia SAU/27/2016
      A   SAU/21/2016; SAU/22/2016; SAU/24/2016; SAU/37/2016; SAU/40/2016; SAU/41/2016; SAU/42/2016
  -     FMDV-GD   SAU/29/2016; SAU/45/2016
  -     NVD   SAU/23/2016; SAU/25/2016; SAU/26/2016; SAU/28/2016; SAU/30/2016; SAU/31/2016; SAU/32/2016; SAU/33/2016; SAU/34/2016; SAU/35/2016; SAU/36/2016; SAU/38/2016; SAU/39/2016; SAU/43/2016; SAU/44/2016
  2017/00003 07/03/2017 O Nepal NEP/20/2016; NEP/22/2016; NEP/23/2016; NEP/24/2016; NEP/25/2016; NEP/27/2016; NEP/28/2016; NEP/29/2016; NEP/30/2016; NEP/31/2016; NEP/32/2016; NEP/33/2016; NEP/34/2016; NEP/35/2016; NEP/36/2016; NEP/37/2016; NEP/39/2016; NEP/1/2017; NEP/2/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   NEP/19/2016; NEP/21/2016; NEP/26/2016; NEP/38/2016; NEP/40/2016
  2017/00004 15/03/2017 O Israel ISR/1/2017; ISR/2/2017; ISR/3/2017; ISR/4/2017; ISR/5/2017; ISR/6/2017; ISR/7/2017; ISR/8/2017
  2017/00005 15/03/2017 O Palestinian AT PAT/1/2017; PAT/2/2017; PAT/4/2017; PAT/5/2017; PAT/6/2017; PAT/7/2017; PAT/9/2017; PAT/10/2017
  -     NVD   PAT/3/2017; PAT/8/2017
  - 07/04/2017 A Algeria ALG/IZSLER/99572/1/2017 ALG/IZSLER/99572/2/2017 ALG/IZSLER/99572/3/2017 ALG/IZSLER/99572/4/2017 ALG/IZSLER/99572/5/2017
  2017/00006 18/04/2017 A Algeria ALG/1/2017; ALG/2/2017; ALG/3/2017
  2017/00007 11/04/2017 O Ethiopia ETH/2/2016; ETH/3/2016; ETH/4/2016; ETH/6/2016; ETH/7/2016; ETH/8/2016; ETH/9/2016; ETH/11/2016; ETH/12/2016; ETH/13/2016; ETH/16/2016; ETH/18/2016; ETH/22/2016; ETH/2/2017; ETH/3/2017; ETH/4/2017; ETH/5/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   ETH/5/2016; ETH/15/2016; ETH/1/2017
  -     NVD   ETH/10/2016; ETH/14/2016; ETH/17/2016; ETH/19/2016; ETH/20/2016; ETH/21/2016; ETH/23/2016
  2017/00008 13/04/2017 O Iran IRN/31/2016; IRN/35/2016; IRN/36/2016; IRN/37/2016; IRN/3/2017; IRN/5/2017; IRN/8/2017; IRN/11/2017; IRN/12/2017
      A   IRN/34/2016; IRN/39/2016; IRN/2/2017; IRN/4/2017; IRN/6/2017; IRN/7/2017; IRN/9/2017; IRN/10/2017; IRN/13/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   IRN/32/2016; IRN/38/2016; IRN/1/2017; IRN/14/2017
  -     NVD   IRN/30/2016; IRN/33/2016
  2017/00009 15/05/2017 O Ethiopia ETH/25/2016; ETH/29/2016; ETH/30/2016; ETH/32/2016; ETH/34/2016; ETH/35/2016; ETH/36/2016; ETH/37/2016; ETH/48/2016; ETH/49/2016; ETH/50/2016; ETH/51/2016; ETH/61/2016; ETH/73/2016
  -     FMDV-GD   ETH/24/2016; ETH/26/2016; ETH/27/2016; ETH/28/2016; ETH/31/2016; ETH/33/2016; ETH/38/2016; ETH/44/2016; ETH/46/2016; ETH/52/2016; ETH/54/2016; ETH/55/2016; ETH/56/2016; ETH/59/2016; ETH/60/2016; ETH/64/2016; ETH/69/2016; ETH/70/2016; ETH/6/2017
  -     NVD   ETH/39/2016; ETH/40/2016; ETH/41/2016; ETH/42/2016; ETH/43/2016; ETH/45/2016; ETH/47/2016; ETH/53/2016; ETH/57/2016; ETH/58/2016; ETH/62/2016; ETH/63/2016; ETH/65/2016; ETH/66/2016; ETH/67/2016; ETH/68/2016; ETH/71/2016; ETH/72/2016; ETH/74/2016; ETH/75/2016; ETH/7/2017
  2017/00010 08/05/2017 O Mongolia MOG/5/2015; MOG/6/2015; MOG/1/2017; MOG/2/2017; MOG/3/2017; MOG/10/2017; MOG/11/2017; MOG/12/2017
      A   MOG/1/2016; MOG/2/2016
  -     NVD   MOG/4/2017; MOG/5/2017; MOG/6/2017; MOG/7/2017; MOG/8/2017; MOG/9/2017
  2017/00011 23/05/2017 O Thailand TAI/38/2016; TAI/39/2016; TAI/40/2016; TAI/41/2016; TAI/42/2016; TAI/43/2016; TAI/44/2016; TAI/45/2016; TAI/46/2016; TAI/47/2016; TAI/48/2016; TAI/49/2016; TAI/50/2016; TAI/51/2016; TAI/55/2016; TAI/56/2016; TAI/59/2016; TAI/1/2017
      A   TAI/52/2016; TAI/53/2016; TAI/54/2016; TAI/57/2016; TAI/58/2016; TAI/60/2016; TAI/2/2017; TAI/3/2017; TAI/4/2017; TAI/5/2017
  2017/00012 23/05/2017 O Myanmar MYA/1/2017; MYA/2/2017; MYA/5/2017
      Asia 1   MYA/3/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   MYA/4/2017
  2017/00013 23/05/2017 O Laos LAO/1/2017; LAO/2/2017
  2017/00014 05/07/2017 O Egypt EGY/4/2017; EGY/6/2017; EGY/7/2017; EGY/8/2017; EGY/9/2017; EGY/10/2017; EGY/11/2017; EGY/13/2017; EGY/16/2017; EGY/17/2017; EGY/19/2017; EGY/21/2017; EGY/22/2017; EGY/25/2017; EGY/26/2017; EGY/27/2017; EGY/28/2017; EGY/30/2017; EGY/31/2017; EGY/32/2017; EGY/33/2017
      A   EGY/19/2016
  -     FMDV-GD   EGY/1/2017; EGY/2/2017; EGY/5/2017; EGY/12/2017; EGY/14/2017; EGY/15/2017; EGY/20/2017; EGY/23/2017; EGY/24/2017; EGY/29/2017
  -     NVD   EGY/20/2016; EGY/3/2017; EGY/18/2017
  2017/00015 23/05/2017 O Cambodia CAM/1/2016; CAM/3/2016
      A   CAM/4/2016; CAM/5/2016
  -     O+A   CAM/2/2016
  2017/00016 07/07/2017 O Nepal NEP/3/2017; NEP/4/2017; NEP/8/2017; NEP/10/2017; NEP/22/2017; NEP/23/2017; NEP/24/2017
      A   NEP/12/2017; NEP/13/2017; NEP/14/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   NEP/5/2017; NEP/6/2017; NEP/7/2017; NEP/9/2017; NEP/11/2017; NEP/15/2017; NEP/17/2017; NEP/20/2017; NEP/21/2017; NEP/26/2017; NEP/27/2017
  -     NVD   NEP/16/2017; NEP/18/2017; NEP/19/2017; NEP/25/2017; NEP/28/2017
  - 2017/00017 25/07/2017 NVD Kazakhstan KAZ/1/2017; KAZ/2/2017; KAZ/3/2017; KAZ/4/2017; KAZ/5/2017
  2017/00018 21/07/2017 O Afghanistan AFG/15/2017; AFG/16/2017; AFG/23/2017; AFG/34/2017; AFG/35/2017
      A   AFG/2/2017; AFG/3/2017; AFG/4/2017; AFG/6/2017; AFG/10/2017; AFG/11/2017; AFG/13/2017; AFG/14/2017; AFG/25/2017
      Asia1   AFG/17/2017; AFG/22/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   AFG/1/2017; AFG/5/2017; AFG/7/2017; AFG/8/2017; AFG/9/2017; AFG/12/2017; AFG/18/2017; AFG/19/2017; AFG/20/2017; AFG/21/2017; AFG/24/2017; AFG/26/2017; AFG/27/2017; AFG/28/2017; AFG/29/2017; AFG/30/2017; AFG/31/2017; AFG/32/2017; AFG/33/2017; AFG/36/2017; AFG/37/2017; AFG/38/2017
  2017/00019 11/08/2017 O Bhutan BHU/4/2017; BHU/5/2017; BHU/8/2017; BHU/11/2017; BHU/12/2017; BHU/13/2017; BHU/14/2017; BHU/15/2017; BHU/16/2017; BHU/17/2017; BHU/18/2017; BHU/19/2017; BHU/20/2017; BHU/21/2017; BHU/22/2017
      A   BHU/3/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   BHU/1/2017; BHU/2/2017; BHU/6/2017; BHU/7/2017; BHU/9/2017
  -     NVD   BHU/10/2017
  2017/00021 15/09/2017 O Pakistan PAK/2/2016; PAK/4/2016; PAK/6/2016; PAK/7/2016; PAK/10/2016; PAK/11/2016; PAK/15/2016; PAK/21/2016; PAK/24/2016; PAK/26/2016; PAK/4/2017; PAK/8/2017; PAK/13/2017; PAK/14/2017
      A   PAK/3/2016; PAK/8/2016; PAK/13/2016; PAK/16/2016; PAK/20/2016; PAK/22/2016; PAK/25/2016; PAK/2/2017; PAK/3/2017; PAK/5/2017; PAK/12/2017
      Asia 1   PAK/1/2016; PAK/5/2016; PAK/8/2016; PAK/9/2016; PAK/13/2016; PAK/14/2016; PAK/17/2016; PAK/18/2016; PAK/20/2016; PAK/22/2016; PAK/23/2016; PAK/27/2016; PAK/1/2017; PAK/3/2017; PAK/5/2017; PAK/6/2017; PAK/7/2017; PAK/9/2017; PAK/11/2017; PAK/15/2017; PAK/16/2017; PAK/17/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   PAK/19/2016; PAK/28/2016; PAK/10/2017
  -     NVD   PAK/12/2016
  2017/00022 11/10/2017 O Hong Kong SAR HKN/1/2017; HKN/3/2017; HKN/4/2017
  -     NVD   HKN/2/2017
  2017/00023 19/10/2017 SAT 2 Botswana BOT/1/2017
  2017/00024 19/10/2017 O Ghana GHA/1/2016
          NVD GHA/2/2016
  2017/00025 19/10/2017 SAT 1 Malawi MAL/1/2016
    2017/00026 19/10/2017 NVD Namibia NMB/1/2017; NMB/2/2017
  2017/00027 19/10/2017 O Uganda UGA/1/2017
        FMDV-GD   UGA/2/2017
  2017/00028 19/10/2017 SAT 3 Zambia ZAM/1/2017
  2017/00029 19/10/2017 SAT 2 Zimbabwe ZIM/1/2017
  2017/00030 20/11/2017 O Sri Lanka SRL/1/2015; SRL/4/2016; SRL/5/2016; SRL/6/2016; SRL/7/2016; SRL/9/2016; SRL/10/2016; SRL/11/2016; SRL/12/2016; SRL/15/2016; SRL/3/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   SRL/3/2016; SRL/13/2016
  -     NVD   SRL/36/2014; SRL/1/2016; SRL/2/2016; SRL/8/2016; SRL/14/2016; SRL/1/2017; SRL/2/2017
  2017/00031 15/12/2017 O Kenya KEN/4/2017; KEN/5/2017; KEN/6/2017
      SAT 1   KEN/1/2017
  -     FMDV-GD   KEN/1/2016
  -     NVD   KEN/2/2017; KEN/3/2017

FMDV-GD, FMDV genome detected by RT-PCR, but no virus isolated.
*, no virus was isolated on cell cultures.
, Only VP1 sequences received.


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