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Foot-and-Mouth Disease




    WRLFMD batch no. Type Virus isolates
  WRLFMD-2005-00006 Asia 1 HKN/1/2005; HKN/2/2005; HKN/3/2005; HKN/4/2005; HKN/5/2005; HKN/6/2005; HKN/7/2005; HKN/8/2005
  WRLFMD-2005-00013 O HKN/13/2004; HKN/9/2005; HKN/10/2005; HKN/11/2005; HKN/12/2005; HKN/13/2005; HKN/14/2005; HKN/15/2005
  WRLFMD-2006-00011 O HKN/17/2005; HKN/18/2005; HKN/19/2005; HKN/20/2005; HKN/22/2005; HKN/23/2005; HKN/24/2005; HKN/25/2005; HKN/1/2006; HKN/2/2006; HKN/3/2006; HKN/4/2006; HKN/5/2006
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